Monday, November 3, 2008

four things i love

1. patty griffin

i love, love, love patty griffin!! her music is so amazing.
i discovered her on accident one day. her cd was in a listening station at borders (when i was working there). one listen to her song "rain" and i was hooked forever.
other songs that i highly recommend are "forgiveness,"
"dear old friend," and "oh heavenly day."
but really, i love almost every song i've ever heard by her.
she's perfect.
2. cranford

my mom and i saw the bbc production of "cranford" on masterpiece theatre this past winter.
we. love. it.
we just watched it again yesterday.
it was a perfect lazy sunday afternoon/night.
the boys were all gone so we indulged outselfes for 291 minutes.
if you like movies like "pride & prejudice" and "sense & sensibility"
chances are you will love it too.

heidi introduced me to this website. it's fantastic. it a grouping of individual sellers of homemade goods.
she finds cute little barrettes and headbands for afton.
i find all kinds of hats and headband and cuffs that are so unique and crazy/beautiful. i'm filling up my christmas wish list with items that i'm finding.
4. how i live now

this novel by meg rosoff rocks my world every time i read it (thus, the title of my blog). every time i finish it i have to stop myself from turning right back to page one and immediately re-reading it. we just read it for one of the book clubs i'm in and it was really cool to hear everyone else's reaction to it. i don't know that it's a book that everyone would like . . .
but it is, hands down, my favorite young adult novel.