Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

i'm not going to lie . . . it's going to be hard to come up with 10 things this week . . . . it's been a rough one, but here it goes:
1. i turned in my last assignment of the semester this week. all i have left are my two finals, which i feel remarkably calm about. as soon as i turned in my paper i felt this huge sense of relief come over me. fresno state, here i come . . .
2. decorating the christmas tree.
3. sharing poetry out loud with friends.
4. yummy flavored coffee creamers. i put them in my hot chocolate and it's delicious. my favorite right now is creme brulee.
5. almost beating craig in settler of catan.
6. finding out there is a wingstop in merced, which is a lot closer than newport beach.
7. christmas music.
8. space heaters.
9. getting in touch with old friends.
10. i was really sad about walter this week, but that was just circumstantial. even when i was feeling overcome by sadness, i knew that overall i'm really happy with my life, and that gave me so much freedom to just experience my sadness without despairing. so i guess the reassurance of happiness made me happy this week . . . if that makes sense.


Sapp Family said...

Good luck beating Craig at any game. One time in my life I will beat him at a board game. Hopefully it will be Risk but I would settle for even just Candyland.