Tuesday, January 27, 2009

public thank you

this past weekend my mom, dad, mike and i went to san diego to visit heidi, logan and afton (post to follow tomorrow). as is to be expected, i took a book with me. "let the right one in." i had seen a preview for the movie and was intrigued (as i am with most things vampiric) so i decided to read the book. i started reading it and it was a bit more profane/vulgar/obscene than i had expected, but i was brushing it off, thinking that the overall story would make it worth the read. by the time we went to church on sunday i was about 40 pages in. in relief society the lesson was based on the talk "a return to virtue" from general conference, november 2008. we were talking about the many ways we can introduce more virtuous ideas and influences into our life and strain out the impure. well, it just so happened that the lovely lady giving the lesson was a librarian . . .
needless to say, i am NOT finishing the book, i'm getting rid of it. i was reminded of all the books on my mental list of books to read that is ever expanding . . . classics that have added to the enlightenment of society, biographies of great people and lives to learn from, histories that enable us to view the world and different cultures with greater understanding . . .
i'm so grateful for timely lessons and the companionship of the holy ghost that allows us to receive the message. i'm so grateful for the teacher (whose name i don't know) who gave of her time and talents to prepare a lesson i needed on that exact day. i didn't have the opportunity to talk to her after church, so i'm offering this . . my public THANK YOU!