Friday, April 16, 2010

fill in the blank friday

as presented by lauren.

1. the first thing i do in the morning is: try and find the snooze button without opening my eyes (this happens several times); try to remember what day it is; delay getting out of bed until the last possible second.

2. every night before bed i: pee (tmi?); set my alarm; pray.

3. my favorite thing to do when i'm having a bad day is: listen to music that matches my mood (helps the nasty go away faster); indulge in something (probably very sweet and sugar filled); watch a movie (escapism).

4. something that makes me cringe is: hairy men; the filing of nails; that video on youtube of "the biggest zit ever".

5. social situations: can be great fun, or excessively annoying, depending on my mood.

6. i like to collect: sand; quotes; books.

7. weekends are for: sleeping in; costco (and other errands); action movies on saturday afternoon broadcast television; worship.


Nate and Sarah said...

So, even though it was listed as "somthing that makes you cringe" I had to go watch that nasty! I almost threw up...that was so incredibly gross.