Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. celebrating my birthday and receiving so many birthday wishes.

2. while walking around campus this week i keep noticing the smell of roses and apricots. it's delicious and unexpected.

3. i went to the scottish games this weekend = tons of burly men wearing kilts and throwing heavy objects.

4. my uncle was in town for the west coast team roping rodeo this weekend. my mom and i went to watch friday and saturday. it was a lot of fun, and i got to ride his horse a few times. it's been about 10 years since i was last on a horse. i suggested to my mom that we could fit a horse in our back yard. she doesn't agree . . . .

5. homemade guacamole.

6. italian ice.

7. patio misters. heaven sent when your sitting outside all day watching team roping.

8. olive garden. their new lemonade drinks are amazing.

9. as weird as it sounds, i love the smell of rodeo grounds. horses and cattle and dirt . . .

10. my armenian history teacher canceled class on monday. i'm choosing to believe it was a birthday present to me.


AngelaBeth said...

Yay happy belated birthday! I'm glad it was great.

Did you MAKE your italian ice? It's REALLY easy! I made some the other week and it was DELISH.

Also... I was seriously confused by "patio misters" because I thought this was some type of event.. sitting on the patio with "Mr"s. Hah!