Friday, April 29, 2011

on my mind

we had to put baily (our dog) to sleep this week
we've had her for 17 years
she had a good run, but it was just cruel to keep her alive any longer
she will be missed


i still hate talking on the telephone
a lot.


i think i've talked to every crazy person in the fresno area this week
every. single. one.
the highlight was the client who accused us of having people break into their house
and damage their computer
also stalking and harassment
apparently the fbi are investigating
and a hearing in front of the pope is forthcoming

well, i always wanted to go to rome . . .


i'm not one of those crazy people
who have inexplicably large collections of british royalty paraphernalia
and i didn't stay up late/get up really early to watch the wedding
but i gotta say
kate middleton's dress was gorgeous


i promise, promise that i am working on paring down and editing my paris photos
(i only took about 490)
i hope to start posting them this weekend


my sister and niece are coming home on wednesday
i'm really excited


we are dog people around here
well, animal people, really
the idea of our house not having a dog is weird
we put baily to sleep on monday
and lasted three whole days without a dog
and now we have two
scout and penelope


Jessica Havican said...

Sorry to hear about Bailey, but those pups will be a fun new addition. I want a puppy so bad!

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about bailey!!! Where did you get the new pups from? Did you name them? I love the names! I am also excited for Heidi and Afton to arrive on Wednesday!:)