Sunday, April 3, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- getting to watch church in my pj's

- general conference. always inspirational and uplifting. unless, of course, elder holland's message is for you . . . (love him!)

- cherry coke from sonic

- i don't wanna brag, but it's been in the upper 70's and low 80's here.  glorious.

- nights out with friends

- cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt + devils food cake flavored frozen yogurt = deliciousness

- i'm so blessed to have parents who have always been invested in my life. all those conference references to older singles needing to get married prompted a talking-to, if you know what i mean. but i'm so grateful that my parents are still actively engaged in my life, constantly worrying for my welfare, and unwilling to simply let me skate by. they challenge me, or make sure i'm challenging myself. the support and defend me. they ask the hard questions, demand the hard answers, and i'm always better for it. 

- this week i'm reminded how thankful i am for my personal relationship with my heavenly father and my savior. i'm thankful for the personal inspiration and revelation they provide me, and for the confidence the relationship gives me. it's hard, sometimes, when your path isn't the expected path. people make judgments, comments. it's not necessarily malicious, but it can be wearisome. i'm comforted and buoyed through my personal prayers and blessings, which assure me that i am living their plan for me.


muzikgenyus said...

I love the last two. Amen for that!