Sunday, April 10, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- packing has officially begun

- hotel is paris is booked. finally! it was a bit of a task finding one that allows three people in one room

- ordered and picked up my euros 

- finally saw defiance. so good. so inspiring.

- completed my first assignment for my new calling. did i tell you? now, in addition to being the ward primary chorister, i'm the stake primary music person (not sure exactly what the title is). not entirely sure when i became such an official grown-up . . . it's a little creepy.

- my dad and i finally convinced my mom to try my favorite restaurant in town. (north india bar & grill) she's resisted up to this point because she "doesn't like indian food." but she really liked her food, and she like the garlic nan, and she liked my dad's food, and she liked my food . . . 


Natalie said...

packing for paris - SO EXCITING! so DEFIANCE -- wasn't it awesome?! i love that movie. i also love liev and daniel -- who knew they had such awesome acting skills; we sure didn't see or hear tell of them in their previous roles...except liev in KATE & LEOPOLD when he talks to that nurse in the mental hospital, which was well done. calling overload for you, girl! move to VA and be our music person, won't you please? we REALLY need one.