Thursday, May 26, 2011

paris: day 4

on monday we took a chocolate and pastry tour
to be honest, it was kind of a let down.
you don't get nearly enough chocolate for the amount of money you pay for the tour.
my suggestion is to just set aside a chuck of money,
take the metro to the saint-germain-des-pres stop,
and wander around on your own.
also, most of the chocolate they offered was dark chocolate.
i don't like dark chocolate.
but we ended up stopping in saint-suplice
which wasn't originally on our itenerary but i secretly wanted to do.

rose line in saint-suplice

after the chocolate tour we headed over to invalides to check out napoleon's tomb
that man had a major case of little-man syndrome
really, is this necessary?

courtyard of invalides
next we lounged for a while in the little park area in front of invalides
then we were off to admire pont alexandre iii

doorway to the grand palais - breathtaking

our last activity of the day was a stroll down champs-elysees
where we saw some break dancers
who wouldn't last a second against american break dancers
but they were fun to watch none-the-less
and then on to l'arc de triomphe

view of champs-elysees from the top of  l'arc de triomphe

view of la tour eiffel from the top of  l'arc de triomphe