Tuesday, May 3, 2011

paris: sacre coeur and montmartre

here's the thing about sacre coeur. there are a lot of steps. 
no really. a lot of steps. 
we climbed them twice because i wanted to see the view at both day and night. 
and the boys humored me.
such troopers. 
(but really i was the one dying because they're both training for a marathon 
while i was still coughing up the last of my chest cold phlegm.)

the view is pretty great.

view from sacre coeur

neal walking up one of the many sets of stairs

craig and neal resting at the fountain

there are merry-go-rounds everywhere in paris.

a small street in montmartre.
wisteria was growing everywhere in france. gorgeous.

sacre coeur at night

the eiffel tower isn't visible from the front of sacre coeur.
you have to go around to the side.

the infamous moulin rouge. so exciting to see it in person.
it draws a large crowd out front.

paintings on the front of the moulin rouge.


Natalie said...

AH!!! your SC photo is brilliant - and thanks so much for my paris postcards - you KNOW how i love postcards. such great ones.