Sunday, May 8, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- my niece and sister arrived. we're having fun now!

- afternoons in the yard with sunshine and puppies

- my first attempt at marinade was a brilliant success

- twice this week i found myself splattered by food/condiments which were being thrown by unaware parties. it was pretty funny.

- girl's night out to the movies

- celebrating mothers day. i won the best present award. it's all about the listening skills, people.

- my dad gave me a mothers day present and wrote me the sweetest letter. i love letters. i have a stash that i pull out and revisit when i'm sad or doubtful.

- placed an order with emersonmade. can't wait for it to arrive!

- the combination of raspberries and pineapple. seriously. it's delicious. try it. now.


muzikgenyus said...

Mmm! Raspberries and pineapple... sounds DELICIOUS! I think I will try it! =)