Sunday, May 22, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- friday night at a baseball game with the family

- fireworks

- my brother michael proposed to his girlfriend, sarah, this week. we all adore her and are so excited for her to join our family.

- live theatre

- sunday night dinner with the future in-laws. we managed to get 14 people around out table this time. i think its a new record.

- i got my order from emersonmade. i lover her stuff so much! this time around i got the big dandy and the golden bird coin necklace. love.

- hmong berry season has officially started here in fresno. heaven!

- i got one of those gel manicures this week. so far i'm impressed. not a single scuff or chip. the lady said the polish can last for over two weeks! if it works, i'll be really impressed. i can't usually make it more than two days without some sort of damage showing up. 

- school's out for summer!!! i'm so glad to be done and free to put that time into work and recreational reading. i feel like i need to make sure and read something really informative this summer. this semester was a gigantic wast of my time. i'm really frustrated with being in school. i feel like they're just taking my money and giving me mindless busy work to do, not educating me in the least. and they keep raising tuition every semester. i really don't know why i keep going. i realize that having a degree is important, but it's not actually going to represent any real increase in knowledge or wisdom when i'm done, it will just be a piece of paper that says i spent the appropriate amount of time sitting in a chair being talked at.


muzikgenyus said...

WoW! I love your last comment on school. Well said. I feel the same way sometimes. And how on earth did some of my professors ever graduate from high school, let alone two and three more degrees after that, I'll never know. I think I learned a lot more on what NOT to do in my field, rather than the opposite! Oh school, what's the point sometimes?!?!