Friday, September 9, 2011

paris: day 6

i was so excited to visit a parisian cemetery. they're so beautiful!
our last day in paris we visited pere lachaise cemetery. 
pere lachaise is probably the most popular parisian cemetery on account of 
jim morrison being burried there.
we did see his grave (along with a small crowd of other americans).
but really what drew me to pere lachaise was oscar wilde.
(the importance of being earnest and an ideal husband amuse me to no end.)
people from the world over come to see his tomb.
the tradition is to leave a kiss.
it's covered in lipstick kisses, letters, and quotes.

exploring the cemetery

oscar wilde's tomb

leaving my mark
next up was a visit to the palais garnier
(paris opera house)
alleged home of the phantom
surprisingly there was no line to go in.
here is the thing about the palais garneir.
it's beautiful.
really, really beautiful.
but it smells of urine.
so . . .
this guy was amazing, just playing for tips in front of the opera house

our last thing to see in paris were the catacombs.
i've wanted to see these for years.
we almost didn't make it in because he line was long and not moving very fast.
also, if you want to visit them, make sure you know where you're going.
we meant to visit the catacombs a few days before this, but i forgot my map at home
and none of the locals we tried asking directions of knew what i was talking about.
the story behind the catacombs can be found here.
there are bones from approximately 6 million people in the catacombs.
at the exit the guard asked to check our bags.
we opened our bags and asked why they were checking.
he just pointed to a pile of bones behind him (including a skull).
(apparently people try to steal bones on a daily basis.
people are crazy.)
i didn't get very many pictures in the catacombs because it's really dark
and they ask you to not use your flash.
i have no idea why . . . 

the writing above the enterance says "stop, here is the empire of the dead"

after the catacombs we spent the rest of the day at the jardin du luxembourg
relaxing and reading in those fabulous green chairs
(i must have some for my own!)

there are fountains everywhere in paris, but the water is always green and murky looking.

our metro stop. 


Natalie said...

i had no idea the PO is stinky! i went in november...i wonder if that makes a difference. you know, like how you never go to venice in the summer because of the sewer systems and waterways and all. anyway, love the oscar wilde site -- that man is genius. the jardin du luxembourg looks fantastic and is officially on my list of paris to-dos.