Sunday, September 4, 2011

things that made me happy this week

-  seeing romeo & juliet at shakespeare in the park. the production was mediocre, but the experience of seeing shakespeare performed live and out of doors never disappoints. 

- i finished a 955 page book on sunday night. 955 pages. i'm not going to lie. i'm feeling pretty superior about it.

- my new idea for getting the primary kids more involved and invested in getting our music ready for the october primary program seems to be paying off.

- sleeping in

- making time to get my car washed this week. i always resist doing it, because i don't know why. i always feel so good after it's done and my car is all shiny and clean.

- amazing marinara sauce. i just kind of throw stuff in, so i never know how it's going to turn out. one batch was particularly great this week.

- multi-grain toast + cream cheese + jam

- charlie hunnam in nicholas nickleby 

- movies based on great literature (dickens, bronte, austen, shakespeare)


Natalie said...

a rousing AMEN to 1 (i saw midsummer night's dream in regent's park london and hamlet at the globe -- there's nothing like seeing shakespeare outside. nothing.), 2 (i love big books and i cannot lie), 4 (rarity makes it all the sweeter), 5 (feels so much better to have it clean, right?) and 9. i want to hear all about your #3. and i see what you are reading currently -- i have that one, too but haven't read it yet. the movie was fun.