Sunday, September 25, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- massage on tuesday night. 

- re-viewing of kenneth branagh's hamlet. masterful.

- my professor asked to speak to me in the hall before class the other night. he told me it was obvious to him that i was several levels above everyone in class, and he was tempted to just give me an "A" and send me on my way. we briefly discussed my previous english literature education and he is toying with the idea of coming up with an alternative curriculum for me. it's no mystery that i've been frustrated with the education (or lack of it) i've been getting from fresno state. it was so nice to have a professor take a personal interest in me. i'm so grateful that he saw that i was not being challenged, and wants to come up with a way to challenge me. after all, that's what college is about, right?

- elder uchtorf's talk from sunday's general relief society meeting. easily one of the best talks i've ever heard. i can't wait until it's available in its entirety for printing and rereading.

- on sunday we had a guest speaker. he is in charge of our grape vineyard and spoke to us about the church's farm holdings across the world. he often attends conferences with church leaders and farm managers from all over the world. did you know the church has the largest private farm holdings in the world, capable of feeding approximately 100 million people?! he spoke about the importance of heeding the prophets counsel to attend to food storage. if the church leaders are making such efforts to acquire the ability to feed so many people, it should be an example to us of the immediate importance to follow suit. he also spoke about the churches humanitarian efforts. he told us that about 75% of the yield from the vineyard we tend to goes to humanitarian aid. he told us that the church is the #1 supplier of humanitarian aid goods in the world. most of the time what you see being handed out by the red cross and others has been donated by the church. it was such a inspiring talk, and i came away so thankful to be part of such a service oriented church and to be led by a prophet of God.