Friday, October 14, 2011

paris: giverny

our last day.
on our way back into paris we stopped by giverny and saw the gardens.
they're pretty awesome.
crowded, but awesome.
monet lived here and painted here.
you can see where he got his inspiration from while walking around.
it is a frenzy of nature and colors.

possibly the best wisteria bridge i've ever seen.

after giverny we headed back into paris
returned our rental car
and found a hotel near the airport.
we got up bright and early the next day and caught our flights home.

one difference i really noticed between france and america is
in america, things can be aesthetically pleasing as long as they're efficient and functional, too.
always, always things must be efficient and functional.
in france, it is the opposite.

beauty reigns supreme in france.