Friday, October 14, 2011

paris: mont saint-michel

mont saint-michel was a highlight for me. a little peek into a medieval citadel.
we only toured the monastery, but there are a few museums within the citadel, too.
there are centuries of history to learn about this place.
the monastery is named for the archangel michael.
legend tells that in the early 8th century michael appeared to st. aubert

instructing him to build the monastery.
it is one of the top pilgrimage sites in christendom.

mont saint-michel is on my must-see list for france.

the streets of the city are really narrow. no cars allowed.

stairs up into the monastery.

there is a statue of the archangel michael at the top of the spire. we joked about it looking like the statue of the angel moroni which tops all the lds temples.

inside the monastery.
the chapel

a little courtyard in the monastery. really beautiful.

more stained glass windows.

i'm quite sure i will never be completely happy until i have a fireplace this big in my house.

replica of the statue at the top of the spire. the archangel michael slaying a dragon.

outside walls of the monastery. 


Natalie said...

AH! AMAZING. england has st. michael's mount and i loved it but i've got to get there to MSM. such cool places.