Sunday, October 9, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- i got 106% on my first test and 95% on my first paper.

- someone has a blog dedicated to tracking down the items worn by emma pillsbury on glee! can i just say how much i want that kate spade hang in there glasses necklace. so much!

- rain! we finally have rain, and some fall-ish weather.

- finally being able to wear sweaters and scarves.

- my mother and i moved a tree on saturday. that's right. a tree. we also put up an electric fence. i also chopped some roots off the tree, which involved me hitting the same spot over and over with an axe.  i felt very accomplished.

- friday night at the big fresno fair. highlights include: time with friends; fair food; funnel cake; bump-it spotting; asian gang fights resulting in an unconscious guy on the ground; hypnotist show; petting baby cows and pygmy goats;  getting hit on by carnival workers;  laughing . . . lots and lots of laughing.


Natalie said...

oooohhhhhh funnel cake. so. good. also, that emma p blog is fantastic. boy oh boy.

LE CLUB said...

Emma's Hang-in-there glasses pendant on sale NWT on Ebay there: !!