Sunday, November 6, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- i got to watch hocus pocus this year. on halloween. perfection.

- this scissor sisters video. it kills me every time. i really want to recreate this someday.

- finding the unsubscribe option in my facebook news feed. i can't tell you how interested i am NOT in what a lot of people have to post . . .

- red lipstick

- finally made time to go in and get my eyebrows cleaned up. they look a million times better.

- chocolate pudding.

- we had a very productive stake primary choir practice this week. the kiddos are going to sound amazing at the festival. i can't wait!

- i bought one of those clarisonic mia skin cleanser things. i gotta say . . . i'm a believer. i've noticed a big difference in my skin.

- the weather took a turn for the downright chilly this week. rejoice!! hot chocolate w/ flavored creamer consumption has begun.