Sunday, November 13, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- i took a citizenship test to see if i would pass (i'm always hearing how hard they are) . . . i got 88 out of 96 correct. you only have to get, like, 54 correct to pass. so i think my citizenship is pretty secure.

- day trip to orange county for my friend esther's wedding on friday. i hadn't seen her for years so i was excited to make the trek down there. she's the cho to my hermione.

- a stop into wonderland bakery while in orange county.

- we also stopped by ikea. always a delight. things were purchased. is it possible to go through ikea without purchasing something? i submit it is not . . .

- sleeping in on saturday.

- i bought a new skirt on saturday. it's really cool, and at church on sunday the kids (and several adults) couldn't keep their hands off of it.


Natalie said...

ah, the delightful. love the HP reference. also i completely concur with you on the ikea point. sleeping in is ALWAYS a delight. pray tell where you found the touchable skirt -- that entry made me laugh.