Sunday, November 27, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- four day weekend

- a shopping list that listed only glitter, glitter spray paint, and ribbon. little girl fantasy come true . . .

- thanksgiving celebrated with friends and family

- i went and saw hugo. it's magical. visually stunning; enchanting soundtrack; delightful side stories and characters; exceptionally done, mr. scorsese.

- i had a very productive weekend. i accomplished everything on my to-do list: hang christmas lights; decorate afton's room; build stone fire pit in back yard; tip to the mountains to cut down manzanita branches for michael's wedding.

- talked my way out of a ticket. i wasn't in the wrong, luckily the sheriff believed me.

- dr. mario tournament. i'm still the champion.

- watched my first cheesy tv christmas movie. it was spectacularly bad. horrible acting, bland characters, someone who hates christmas, and there was a dance routine . . . let the holidays begin!

- the lower lights christmas album: come, let us adore him. love.


Beck Bee said...

i saw hugo too! and i agree that it was magical.

Chelsea Nicole said...

What firepit did you guys do? I've seen a few on pinterest.