Sunday, December 18, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- semester officially done. 

- my kelly green pea coat.

- christmas tree lane

- completed my christmas shopping. in one day. i am awesome.

- friend christmas dinner party with a lot of laughing and a pregnancy announcement. yay!

- attended a christmas concert. a nice two-hour seasonal time-out.

- a friend sent me a gift certificate through the feed it forward program on it was a sweet gesture, and a great idea! here's how it works: through the site you email $10 gift certificates to whomever you choose, for free. you don't pay for the certificates! the recipient then enters their zip code and chooses from a list of local restaurants where they want to redeem the certificate. most of the restaurants are smaller, non-chain restaurants, which is kind of great. it encourages you to support small business owners and try new kinds of food! i'm going on a thai adventure with mine. they only offer the program during the holiday season so you have to send out the certificates by christmas eve. 

- caught the last half of a muppet christmas carol and miracle on 34th street. good old fashioned christmas movies. aren't they great?!

- putting an exhausting and hectic sunday behind me!