Sunday, December 25, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- everyone arriving in town

- my new brian andreas book. he so great!

- christmas morning breakfast. (eggs benedict, my all-time favorite!)

- a christmas day sacrament meeting that consisted mostly of music. i sang "in the bleak midwinter" with my sister. it was almost a disaster as we both came down with a cold a few days before, but it turned out pretty good.

- it was a very boden christmas for me. lovely!

- watching a christmas carol and meet me in saint louis on christmas day while everyone was off visiting the in-laws.

- finished reading a christmas carol.

- christmas music.

merry christmas!!


Natalie said...

i want the lovely details on your boden christmas -- i have a few things on order...oh how i love that company. i barely squeezed in george c. scott verson of "a christmas carol" this year ON christmas eve itself..the pre-christmas to-do list didn't get as checked off as i would have liked this year. happy christmas friend!