Thursday, January 12, 2012

on my mind

i have a zit under my left eye.
right under my eye.
it is really painful.
and it's made the tissue under my left eye swell.
a lot.
i've been icing it for two days.
it's still swollen, and it makes me look like i have a black eye.
not. cool.


last night while i was dragging one of our disobedient dogs
out from  the side of the house
i folded one of my nails back.
halfway down the nail bed.
it hurts like the dickens.
also. not. cool.


i am a baby whisperer.
have i told you this?
last night i was holding my niece emery.
one second she was grabbing everything in sight
the next second she was out cold on my chest.
later that night i was holding her again and she started 
leaning with all her might.
trying to get her head on my chest so she could fall asleep.
it was so funny.


i finally sat down and wrote out a bucket list.
(there's a link to it in the sidebar)
i put some things on there i've already done
because they were on my mental list
and it's important to recognize accomplishments,
obviously it will be added to throughout my life.
i should probably organize it a little better too.
work in eternal progress.
what's on your bucket list?
is it just in your mind?
or do you have it written down somewhere?


AngelaBeth said...

I have a bucket list all neat and typed up somewhere but I never look at it because I always have tomorrows to-do list to stress out about. I'm digging your list and of course on my list is also learn Italian ESPECIALLY because I met my third cousin from Italy. I'm DEFINITELY going to Europe this year (summer?) to visit my sister and her husband in Germany, maybe visit Paris, and then swing down to Italy to meet my family. I just have to figure out how to plan it without getting overwhelmed. You're an experienced

Natalie said...

the sit and the nail thing sound so painful -- i'm so sorry! baby whisperer = awesome. i just wrote down my bucket list this month after years of keeping it in my head. figured that if i'm having to dye the greys in my hair, it was time to get serious on what i've yet to do but feel i must do in life. love your list.