Thursday, January 19, 2012

on my mind

taylor swift has been cast as eponine
in the upcoming movie production of les miserables.
(i throw up a little every time i think of it.)
there are not enough words to say how i feel about this decision.
really, tom hooper, out of all of hollywood and broadway
you pick taylor swift?
epic. fail.
i think you should be stripped of your oscar
as punishment for such heinous judgement.
taylor swift passes as a singer because of her songwriting skills.
she does not have the singing or acting ability demanded by such a roll.
and let me tell you . . . eponine is one of my all-time favorites.
i have zero tolerance for people messing up her part.
my scorn over this has no bounds.


i was off work on monday for mlk day.
i had a list of things that i thought i might do.
instead, i ended up deep cleaning my room.
dusted everything (including the ceiling fan),
reorganized a bit to make things more accessible,
got rid of some stuff.
my room is immaculate. 
it feels amazing.


a friend and i just started a book club.
our first book is
cinderella ate my daughter
i just started it last night.
i have many reservations.
we'll see.


have you seen the trailers for 
i'm dying with anticipation!
ever since my friend natalie told me about her experience
seeing it onstage in london it's been on my bucket list.
(still is)
i've read the book several times
and i cannot wait until february.
nothing says happy valentines day 
like a murderous ghost!


Jessica Havican said...

oooh taylor swift....yeah, that's not going to work for me either. She lacks the maturity in her voice to pull off that part. yuck.

Natalie said... taylor swift. "i am agog; i am agast." these lines from les miz were the first that came to my mind after reading this news. i am in shock. so confused. i can't even wrap my brain around it. epic fail is right.
women in black!!! yes, it looks so spooky. i stand by my review of the play in london -- the scariest entertainment i've ever attended. hands down. i need to see if it's still playing for jay and my trip there this fall...
your room cleaning sounds like heaven -- love getting spaces cleaned and organized.