Monday, February 20, 2012

greece: around athens

i never finished posting about my trip to greece; so here's a little travel flash-back:

we spent a total of three days in athens. it's not a very good city for relaxing.
we only found one park with areas for lounging, but the grass in the park was over-watered and muddy.
my advice: spend two days tops in athens, then move on to the rest of greece.

going to church in athens

roman agora

view of temple of olympian zeus from the acropolis

temple of olympian zeus

temple of olympian zeus

ancient agora

temple of hephaestus

plateia syntagmatos

tomb of unknown soldier

olympic stadium

hadrian's library

hadrian's library

temple of the winds

close-up, tower of the winds

we stumbled upon this monument when we were lost in the maze below the acropolis.
i'd read about it before the trip and wanted to see it, but had no idea where to find it.
even if i had directions i doubt it would have found it.
it's one of those things you can only find if you're not looking for it.

parliament building

best meal of the trip:


Natalie said...

oh my GOODNESS it looks fantastic. so jealous.