Thursday, February 23, 2012

on my mind

i did my taxes over the weekend
it always feels so good to get them done
and to anticipate the incoming moo-lah!


a door-to-door salesman dropped by our office on tuesday
(not an abnormal occurrence
we're constantly interrupted by
charitable organizations)
he walked in and said
"i saw the sign on your door
(no soliciting)
but we've been instructed to ignore it."
ignore it.
ignore it!!
even if it's true, why would you say it out loud?
i wrote a strongly worded email to the company
expressing my annoyance.
it felt good.


my international travel plans for 2012 have hit a snag
or rather,
my travel companions (my parents) abandoned me
so i'm changing my destination.
i am now heading to ireland and scotland.
any recommendations? must sees?


it's february.
i turned on the a/c in my car yesterday.
i'm dreading the coming summer.


Natalie said...

OH NO -- travel plans have changed?! wish i could "step in" and go with you. but really, ireland and scotland are an awesome change if one has to be made. actually i still dream of ireland as i've not yet been. scotland is fantastic -- we spent a few days up and around edinburgh and i LOVED it. be sure you pick up a tartan blanket -- and they'll custom make you a kilt, too -- how amazing!