Thursday, March 15, 2012

on my mind

i haven't been sleeping well the last few nights.
i sleep a long enough
but my dreams have been very contentious.
every night i'm engaged in some kind of battle
or struggle
which sometimes wake me up several times through the night
and always leave me exhausted in the morning.
tuesday night i was defending my own death star.
so . . .

i've been trying to figure out what is prompting all this unrest,
but i can't come up with a single thing.
overall life is pretty stress free and enjoyable right now.
maybe i just really want a death star?


my mom gave me a coupon for the gap on saturday
she said, "you have to go today because it expires"
and i said, "no, this is for march 8-11"
she said, "ashlee, it's march 10th."
not quite sure when that happened.


my brother-in-law made
family participation in march madness mandatory.
i filled out a bracket
without male supervision.
i tried to take all of the important stuff into consideration:
team colors
if they ever had a movie made about them
if i knew someone who lived in the state
notable state history
how much i like the logo . . .

i made my final decision based on
who had the highest points per game average
because i saw moneyball
and i believe everything brad pitt tells me.


is it just me, or is the post office
always out of medium flat rate boxes?


Jessica Havican said...

Love your influences for filling out your March Madness brackets! And I hope those dreams go away or you figure out what they mean. I hate waking up from dreams like those!

Kristen said...

Haha. Doug always makes me fill out a bracket. One year I based all my picks off which mascot I liked better...that is the best I have ever done. When I try to concentrate on stats it never goes as well. :)