Sunday, March 11, 2012

things that made me happy this week . . .

- i delivered my presentation on zazen meditation in my philosophy of religion class. with that done, the bulk of my work load for this semester is done. 

- i also got my first test in that class back. 95%. huzzah!

- my mom surprised me with a 40% off entire purchase for gap on saturday. and gap surprised me by having jeans and t-shirts that actually fit my body. i stocked up. 

- spring weather.

- we're heading out for our annual spring break beach camping trip the first week of april. we just found out my cousin tara is going to come this year!!!  i'm so excited i can't stand it! can't wait to spend an entire week with her.


Natalie said...

congrats on the test score and being finished with a large work load -- while getting my education was an awesome experience, i'm glad i'm not doing it at my age...i'm old and treasure my sleep too much.
your comment regarding your boss lovingly referring to you as snide made me laugh -- i love that word/attribute.
amen on the spring weather -- we've got popcorn popping here in VA and it's delightful. we are adopting your evening walks idea -- heaven.