Sunday, April 15, 2012

things that made me happy this week

- finally meeting ms. adalaide fletcher. well conceived kristen and cody. you two certainly know how to make cute babies.

- baby shower planning. two words: nacho. bar.

- flowers from my "date" on friday night.

- attending the lds prom as dj with craig. he didn't get me a corsage, but we did have a good time.

- friday the 13th

- outrageous rainstorms wednesday through friday. i was in water up to my ankles while walking to class on friday. it was awesome. several streets turned to rivers and i saw several cars stranded in the middle of the road because water had gotten too high up in their engine.

- accomplishing errands early before the crowds descend

- finishing books number 10 & 11 of the year. i have to read as much as i can now because i think i'll be pretty consumed with scholastic reading come the fall. 


Natalie said...

bravo on the reading -- i'm hopelessly behind, i fear. the nacho bar, downpours and lds prom doing all sound fantastic.