Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my trip to virginia in pictures

i had such a great time in virginia.
reconnecting with my friend natalie after ten years was so fun.
we shopped, visited battlefields, ate amazing food,
strolled around the capitol, alexandria, and fredericksburg,
and took in the art at the national art gallery.

around fredericksburg:

fredericksburg battlefield

chancellorsville battlefield

modeled after an irish pub

bourbon chicken - delicious!

i always love a man in a kilt!

around washington dc:

a little taste of paris in the sculpture garden

national archives

pond in the sculpture garden

national gallery
some of my favorite pieces from the national gallery:

around alexandria:

gorgeous wisteria 

picturesque streets

colonial architecture

town hall

dinner at la madeleine. i'm ruined forever!

this is an alley. an alley!!

thanks natalie for being such a great hostess!
i had such a delightful and fulfilling time!!

(all photos taken by me on my iphone. 
so, not the best quality, but they get the job done!)


Natalie said...

yay! love the shot of us in the elevator and the one of the pub is better than any i've captured. again, it was a complete delight to have you and hope that you'll come again soon -- hugs from northern virginia.