Thursday, May 10, 2012

on my mind . . .

i spent a few days babysitting
my friends' dogs early in the week.
it's official.
i am not a small dog person.
i don't dislike them,
but i would never own a small dog myself.
i am also not a person who enjoys
sharing their bed with a dog.
or anything else that may move in the night
and wake me up.
perhaps the good lord knows this
and it's why i'm not married.


i walked out to me car 
tuesday morning
to find it had been broken into.
they tore apart the handle and lock
on the drivers side to get in.
i actually think it was driven somewhere
and then brought back.

the ignition had obviously been tampered with
(started with a screwdriver),
both the drivers side and passenger side were sat in,
odds and ends were taken, but not the radio,
they didn't bother getting into the trunk,
no windows were broken,
and they spent enough time in the car
to make the whole thing reek of cigarettes.

also, they left a stick of butter
on my dashboard.

weird, right?


i am persona non grata in the office today.
cold shoulders, dirty looks, ignored, etc.
it's okay.
considering the reason behind it
i'm pretty amused by the whole thing.

the crazy lady who hangs around all the time
has been informed by her landlord
that she can't have four cats.
she can only have three.
everyone else is in an uproar
about the injustice of it all.
how cruel it is to make her give up a cat.

i pointed out that
the city ordinances only allow
for three cats per household,
so she's clearly on the wrong side of the law.

it's like i've committed treason.

luckily i didn't voice my opinion
that she's lucky the city hasn't come by
to ticket her and forcibly remove one of the cats.
or that it could be worse . . .
several of her cats have died over the last year.
if this had happened a year ago,
she would have had to give up more than one cat!

really, how many cats does one person need?


Katie said...

I am also NOT a small dog person. OR a large dog person. Or a dog person.

I'm sorry about your car! I had a friend who had her car stolen. The police found it by chance, but her car was trashed as well. :( That really stinks! (No pun intended).

And I can't believe people are in an uproar about the cats!! I agree with you, it could be worse. I apparently, am not a cat person either.

I hope your weekend gets better!