Thursday, June 7, 2012

on my mind

ho-ho's are the greatest
edible thing on the planet.
(today was one of those days.)


i've been having a lot
of back pain and soreness
for the past month or two.
a little over a week ago
i threw out my old feather bed
and replaced it with a new gel foam mattress pad.
i don't know if it's the new pad or coincidence,
but as of today
pretty much all of the pain and soreness are gone.
i feel like a new woman.


i ordered some pillow shams
from pottery barn
to match my bed spread.
they arrived this week,
and when i put them on my pillows
i noticed one was a sham,
but the other was a regular pillow case.
i checked the packages, and they both said sham.
i called to report it, and they are shipping me a new sham
and told me to just keep the pillow case and
"use it or just turn it into a rag."
right. because that's what you do with free potter barn stuff.
use it as a rag!
i am very pleased with their customer service.


my sister and i went halfsies
on a sephora buy-one-get-one-free deal
for some of that eyelash growing stuff.
(usually $60 per tube!!)
it's probably too soon to tell, really,
but i feel like i can already see a difference.
i'll keep you posted.