Friday, June 22, 2012

on my mind

tonight i'm headed to woodward park
to see the merry wives of windsor.
there's nothing like watching
shakespeare out of doors.


i'm kind of in the middle of a confusion.
i'm looking forward, 
trying to decide what my next step will be
after i graduate.
the spirit is telling me 
that i'm headed into a period
of discomfort and challenge
of my own choosing. 
but also of great personal growth.

i'm trying to amp myself up with mantras
"i can do hard things"
"faith in the Lord includes faith in His timing"
"semper ad meliora" ("always toward better things")

but mostly right now i just feel panic.


on wednesday i got a massage.
as i was leaving to go
my niece asked what a massage was.
i told her it was when someone
rubs your muscles to make them feel better.
she said:
"you only have two muscles."
and then flexed her arms
to show me her biceps.
so cute.


Jessica Havican said...

I don't know what's in bliss and then being hit smack in the face with a really hard trial(s) or having premonitions that something hard is coming your way. Maybe the latter is better. That way you can try to pump up your spirituality even more in preparation for hard things. Cause I know I personally have a hard time being as spiritual as I should when I'm going through something difficult. You CAN do hard things Ashlee! that is a mantra I am trying to instill in my daughter. She'll tell me something is too hard and I always tell her, "but Janen, I know you can do hard things" and when she accomplishes the task I always say, "see I told you can do hard things"

Just know, I'm always rooting for ya!