Thursday, June 28, 2012

on my mind

i did it.
i cut my hair.
so far i like it.
it's all bouncy and swingy
and takes a lot less shampoo.


as i mentioned last week
i've been trying to figure out my next step.
i've decided that after graduation
i am going to pursue a masters degree
(and maybe a phd?
i can't think of that yet!!)
probably in history
but i'm keeping my mind open as yet.
this decision has been the source of 
a lot 
of anxiety over the past few weeks

it's still a ways off, 
but there's still a lot of planning to be done.
making sure i can fulfill all the requirements
(must brush up-
and by brush up i mean re-learn -
french and latin)
taking the gre
picking a school

i'm still feeling a lot of anxiety
and overwhelmed,
but i know it's the right thing.


and now
for the most devastating turn of events

i have been called as a seminary teacher.

i cried most of sunday afternoon
and broke out in hives.

this will probably become normal behavior for me.

i have NO IDEA
how i will accomplish
working 35 hours a week
taking three classes
and teaching seminary.

no idea.


Natalie said...

so good to know your plans at last -- i hate being in the dark. i know you'll be able to do it -- most of any battle is won with determination and dedication both of which you have in abundance. you'll rock it; i just know it. can't wait to hear the details as they are decided.