Sunday, June 3, 2012

things that made me happy this week

- memorial day = short work week

- book club meeting

- girls night out with melissa. dinner and a movie: chipotle was great, but don't waste your money on snow white and the huntsman. *note to hollywood, kristen stewart is not the only actress in hollywood. (and i use the word actress loosely here!)

- hatfields & mccoys.

- baseball game with the family. out team lost by a lot, but we did get a foul ball which earns you free ice cream, so a good night overall!

- sleeping in

- i challenge you to not grin like an idiot while watching this video:

- les miserables preview. i die. i predict the movie will send me into ugly-cry territory within the first twenty minutes.


Natalie said...

oh girl - infinite amount of happiness is right -- that proposal was FAN.FREAKIN.TASTIC. so cool.

and you and i together on the les miserables thing -- totally ugly cry. you and me both.

and the snow white film? i wondered. never did buy that KS was to be "fairer" than CT - missed there mark on their casting by about a mile.