Sunday, July 29, 2012

things that made me happy the last little while

- suri's burn book. so funny.

- a great massage. i fell asleep!

- brave. love.

- camping.

- swimming.

- escaping the heat.

- wolf-ems with nutella, chocolate pudding, and roasted marshmallow.

- s'mores

- cliff jumping

- campfires

- night hikes

- starry skies with a visible milky way

- lake sunsets

- the pizza factory in prather, ca

- air fresheners in the pit toilets. very effective. (most of the time.)

- having the whole family in town

- finishing an entire book in two days

- the new batman movie. intense!

- book club

- olympic opening ceremonies. wow! so beautiful. so many symbolic things that i just loved. the anglophile in me was giddy with delight.

- olympic sport watching. go team USA!!


Natalie said...

yay for the games!!