Thursday, August 2, 2012

on my mind

did you know that the usa/world
is currently experiencing a helium shortage.
that's right. a helium shortage.
my mom tried to buy balloons on saturday
only to be told that the stores helium tank was empty
and they weren't expecting to be able to fill it
for about a year.

crazy, right?!


i found our sign-in and password
and i now get the olympics 
streamed to my iphone
it's a lot better coverage
than the nbc primetime coverage.


i am so over this summer heat.
over. it.
and london is just being rude
rubbing their 70 degrees
and rain showers
in my face.

i need to move to england.


today i used the word
on the phone with one of our clients.
he told me he had never heard that word before
asked what it meant
and complimented me on my vocabulary.

i have three more words for him.
read. more. books.
here's a great list to get you started.


Natalie said...

i feel the same way about england -- lets move there. being in newport this past week, along the coast and needing a sweatshirt (!) felt so wonderful.