Sunday, August 26, 2012

weekly happy list

- first week is over. i'm feeling a little more like i'll be able to do it all. it will be a stretch, and there will be exhaustion and weeping, but it will all get done.

- the academia gods have been kind. there will be no research papers this semester, just film and book reviews. and one of the classes is going to have tests with multiple choice! have you ever heard anything so wonderful?

- getting to know the scriptures a lot better.

- pinterest. i found so many great ideas for seminary teaching and activities. i'm so grateful for technology that allows for so much sharing of ideas.

- the temperature finally dropped below 100. as much as i hate getting up at 5:00 a.m., it is absolutely delightful outside at that time.

- google docs. i love that i can pull it up anywhere and work on stuff. i've begun a list of questions from my seminary lessons. i'll use them in games throughout the year. i can jump on and add questions as i think of them no matter where i am.


Natalie said...

oh i've been worrying/stressing on your behalf all week long, wondering how things were going. you are so amazing. so strong. so filled with the love for the gospel and the intellectual push those kids need to really hunger and thirst after what they are studying. i know you will excel at it, i just hope it doesn't leave you completely exhausted in the mean time.

your semester of film and book reviews sounds so fun -- in a hard work kind of way but still. you'll have to send along your required reading/viewing list.