Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekly happy list

i took an impromptu week (or so) off because, well, i was busy. and because sometimes it just feels good to leave stuff undone. 

- finishing by book and paper. one less thing to worry about later in the semester.

- sleeping in.

- i came down with a cold. my body was good enough to hold off until my busy week and school assignments were completed. 

- finally finding time to finish watching jane eyre.

- little moments here and there that let me know my seminary students are picking something up in the mornings. 

- really great talks and lessons on sunday.

- dusting. it's such a pain, but afterward, i love knowing it's gone.

- i don't watch tv during the week anymore. it's kind of lovely, actually. the only tv i watch are the recorded shows i like, and i get to skip all the commercials. this is especially nice during election season when obnoxious political propaganda takes over the ad space.

- lovely birthday owl scentsy lamp from cho. 

- living vicariously through my friend natalie's instagram feed while she's traveling in england. gorgeous. 

- boden package finally arrived. everything fits perfectly (because it's boden, and boden does everything right). now if california would get with the program and stop with the 90 degree weather. next week is october!! i want to wear my long sleeves, and i want to wear them NOW!