Thursday, October 4, 2012

on my mind

tuesday night i was walking out of my room
and raising my arm
to push my hair back
at the same time.
(do not attempt this at home.)
i ran into a light switch.
yes. a light switch.
my elbow caught it
just right.
it was painful.
it bled.
and now it's thursday
and i'm still having trouble
bending and straightening that arm all the way.

did i tell you my dad used to call me grace when i was younger.
now you know why.


i finished a book earlier this week.
the graveyard book
by neil gaiman.
and with that, i have accomplished my goal
of 24 books this year.
i still have 3 books to read for school
finish les miserables for me
and 2 more books to read for book club
before the year is up.


i've started to take naps
when i get home from seminary.
i can't begin to tell you how
depressing it is to go down for a nap
at 7:00 a.m.
but sleep is sleep.


justin beiber is giving a concert here.
that's what's happening.
it's the only thing they're talking about on the radio.
never mind the presidential debates.
beiber fever indeed.