Sunday, October 28, 2012

weekly happy list

- it's finally cool enough at night that i can snuggle into my blankets. i like cozy sleeping. 

- A on my second and final paper in colonial america.

- despite my packed schedule, i've managed to keep myself well rested. my strict self-enforced bedtime is making all the difference. 

- pumpkin spice cookies.

- routine. it's very comforting and helps me feel in control. however, i have to be careful as routine can quickly devolve into neurotic, type-a behavior for me. i'm walking a fine line here, folks. but so far it's helping me keep everything together. 

- christmas albums are already being sold on itunes. decorations are on sale in costco and target and home decorating stores. yup. let the jolly holidaying begin! no shame.