Thursday, November 15, 2012

on my mind

i had two days off from seminary this week.
monday and tuesday.
despite the time off,
i've been dead-dog tired this week.
and i've had a lot to do.
last night i almost fell asleep at 6:30!
my home teachers were coming
and i had some reading to do for school
so i got up and moved around to stay awake.
but i turned out the light and 9:00
and fell asleep pretty quick.
and i slept hard.
it felt really good.


speaking of reading for school . . . 
i have about 200 pages to finish by tomorrow.
it's not going to happen.

but i'm going to take this moment and 
congratulate myself on the 
excellent display of self-discipline
which resulted in me writing  my 
two required book reviews
on the first two books,
so not finishing this one is non-catastrophic.


this week my mom told me that
her mom's favorite poem was
the raven
by edgar allen poe
and she could recite the entire thing.
my head almost exploded!
such a pity she died so early.
i'm sure we would have been bosom buddies.


tomorrow morning
we will be talking about gratitude
and my seminary kids will be making
gratitude lists.
it only took them three guesses to figure out why
we're talking about gratitude tomorrow.
(thanksgiving next week)



Natalie said...

you amaze me. i don't know how you do everything -- all that you do -- so well.