Sunday, December 30, 2012

weekly happy list

- family in town

- the near-manic excitement of little kids on christmas eve

- little kids opening presents

- new uggs. mine were literally falling apart.

- short work weeks

- les miserables. there was crying.

- the hobbit. i was wondering how they were going to turn that short book into three movies, but i'm excited to see the rest of them.

- finishing book 28 of the year. i feel very accomplished.

- eggs benedict on christmas morning

- working on new years resolutions

- talking about your passions

- being useful

- movie previews


Natalie said...

i feel that no amount of preparation for les mis would have done me justice. i was completely overwhelmed and i know that story and music back and forth -- can you imagine going and not be familiar with it?! believe it or not there were people in my showing who were first timers..crazy. good that they went, but crazy still. i am going again in a few days -- i feel i can better take notes this time, though i'll need tissues all the same. so fantastic.

and so fun to be back in middle earth, right? i need to get my paws on that music stat.

i swear girl. 28 books in a year in addition to all that you are doing in your life. you amaze me with your focus and determination. i'm so glad to have a friend like you in my life to inspire me. it shames me to admit i only read four. four lousy books. albeit sarum was over 1200, but still.

ya baby on movie previews, right? i love when there are such good ones that you momentarily forget what movie you are there to see. good stuff.