Thursday, February 28, 2013

on my mind

this is happening all over town.
i'm not mad about it.


i was watching the oscars the other night
and i had some mixed feelings about the les mis number.
first i thought, oh hugh jackman
this is obviously on the high end of your range.
i like your voice better when you're singing a bit lower.
and then anne started and i thought
oh man, this is pretty rough,
anne, i know you can sing better than this.
and also someone really needs to intervene 
in her wardrobe choices.
and then eddie and amanda came on and i thought
oh eddie, very dapper and
well, they sound better than the first two did
and then samantha came on and i thought
man, this girl can sing these other fools under the table
and also, now that is an awesome dress!
and then aaron tveit entered
and i had no more thoughts
because i was in a full. swoon.


other thoughts concerning the oscars:

excuse me, but when adele sings, you giver her a standing ovation.
especially after you give a standing-o for that assault on the human eardrum
that was goldfinger.

daniel day lewis stole my heart in 1992
with last of the mohicans.
("i will find you!" i die!)
he still has it.

jennifer lawrence
falling on the way up to receive her award
was hilarious.
and adorable.
it makes me happy there are people like her in the world
who don't take themselves and everything
too seriously.

can we please just
stop inviting kristen stewart to things?


today i went to class in a cardigan and
my trusty motorcycle boots.
after class, i promptly went home and
changed into a short-sleeved shirt
and sandals.
and then i drove to work with the a/c on.
in february.


i just finished watching
(catching up on)
loving it.
(this is what happens when i have nothing to do at work.)
only now i have to wait for the next episodes to come out.
also loving those green brothers.
do you think they'd let me be an honorary member of their family
seeing as i already have the last name?
i do technically have a brother named john green.
so . . .