Thursday, March 7, 2013

on my mind

yesterday the forecast was
three straight days of rain.
(oh the rapture!!)
and then it never rained.
then the forecast changed to
cloudy but no rain until friday.
and then it rained this morning
for an unknown number of minutes
while i was inside teaching seminary.
mother nature.
she is a fickle mistress.


i saw a coyote on my walk the other night.
it was a huge coyote
right in the middle of the college agriculture fields.
i almost didn't notice him
but i had one of my dogs with me
and she notice him right away.
they were highly suspicious of each other
and watched each other very closely
but we all went our merry way without incident.


teenage brains are a mystery.
teenage boy brains are an even bigger mystery.
and i know i technically had one once
and in many ways i still do
but really,
what goes on up there?


i spent an obscene amount of money
on a new bag this week.
i've had my eye on it for years.
literally. years.
i can't wait for it to arrive.
it's a leather satchel.
it will travel all over this world with me.
and carry all of my school things
and i'm pretty sure it will make me a better student
just simply by being such an amazing bag.
it's that awesome.


Natalie said...

cannot wait to see the bag. wishing you days and nights of rain. every time i have to take gypsy out at night before bed i am on the alert for large animals and i bank my hope that she will sense/smell them before i do and give me warning, but she is a mere puppy and her focus is much like the human teenage brains you have mentioned...don't know if i can count on her for protection.