Friday, June 21, 2013

footie-gram game

well i'm back. i have no idea how long it's going to take me to sort through my photos and get them posted here, so we'll start with something a bit easier to manage. as i promised in my last "on my mind" post, i posted shots of my feet on instagram and facebook throughout my trip with captions saying where the shot was taken. i hope you were paying attention, because here comes the fun part!! i'm posting (most of) the photos again here. the person who can correctly identify the most locations wins a little souvenir from merry old england! no going back and looking at the instagram/facebook posts while playing. i'll leave guessing open until saturday, june 29. leave your guesses in the comments below. good luck!! i'll post the answers when i announce the winner.

1. churchill war rooms

2. windsor castle (ill-begotten photo)

3. st. paul's cathedral

4. kensington palace

5. kensington gardens

6. peter pan statue - kensington gardens

7. the globe theatre

8. tower of london

9. british museum

10. harrods

11. fortune theatre

12. diagon alley

13. oxford

14. roman baths - bath

15. jane austen center - bath

16. stourhead

17. stonehenge

18. brighton

19. white cliffs of dover

20. lyme park

21. roaches

22. chatsworth house

23. heathrow airport

congratulations to natalie! the winner with 20 out of 23 correct, and the only guesser . . .
too bad not everyone is as excited by our game as we are, my friend. oh well.
i like sending you presents, so it works out brilliantly.


Natalie said...

WHAT?! no multiple choice? MAN, you run a hard game! here i go:

1. Churchill War Rooms (so dark -- perfect!)
2. Woman in Black theatre...blanking on the name, sadly.
3. St. Paul's Cathedral
4. Victoria Exhibit at Kensington Palace
5. Kensington Garden walkways (?)
6. Peter Pan Statue in Hyde Park
7. The Globe (are those prop parts on the ground?! so cool!)
8. The Tower of London
9. British Museum
10. Harrods
11. a theatre of some variety (?)
12. Diagon Alley, Harry Potter Experience
13. Oxford
14. Bath
15. Jane Austen Center, Bath
16. Stourhead
17. Stonehinge (recognize that barrier fence anywhere!)
18. I'm going to guess Brighton, as I've not been there and I know you took one there...low, I know.
19. Dover (ALL TIME FAVORITE shot!)
20. a park...yes, low but I'm out of guesses and I cannot remember all the parks you saw...
21. The Roaches
22. the statue gallery at Pemberley...:D
23. staion? i'm out of guesses.