Thursday, August 1, 2013

england: day 7

next stop: bath. we spent one day and two nights in bath. it is a beautiful little city that completely shuts down at night. if you want to do something after the sun goes down you are out of luck. most of the tourists are bused in for the day and then leave. 

bath and i got off to a rough start. 

the hostel we stayed in was, without a doubt, the most disgusting hostel i've ever stayed in and provided us with horrifically amusing stories. mostly centered around not one, but two grown men parading around for the world to see in grey underwear (gag) and the second night our grey underwear wearing roommate decided to bring a girl home with him and had sex in our hostel room while we were all there. (insert disgusted/incredulous/rage face here) mercifully i was sleeping with ear plugs that night and remained blissfully unaware because i would have absolutely lost it had i known at the time. neal was not so fortunate. 

i woke up the first morning overheated and sweaty and with a headache and rolled over to find our roommate sleeping, uncovered, in grey underwear and i fled. i went downstairs to take a shower and then, because the boys were taking too long to get ready, i took myself on a solitary walk by the rivers edge and wrote in my journal. it did wonders. 

i'm just one of those people who need their alone time, you know. 

when the boys were finally ready, we set off. besides the gorgeous city itself, we saw the roman baths, the jane austen center, and bath abbey. it rained on us, which made me happy, and neal and i were overjoyed to find dr. pepper.

the spot i fled to that infamous first morning.

blatantly disobeying the "do not touch the water" rule. 

resting our feet

taking the waters at bath. disgusting.

writing with a quill. easier than i thought it would be.

royal crescent 

guys, once upon a time there was a dude whose mom named him manley power.
no pressure.

as per usual, even better outside the states. it's because they use real sugar. 

rule of travel: always have a card game of some sort with you.

the river at night.


Natalie said...

i so know what you mean about the difference between london and bath at night. night and day, really. we always delayed our lunch and then dinner because restaurants do tend to say open when everything else is shut down. so we were eating dinner in bath at like 9 at night, after some down time back at the pad.

OH. MY. GOSH. your hostel roommates. YIKES. thank the lord for ear plugs -- poor, poor neal! aren't there RULES about that sort of thing?! i would be mortified. MORTIFIED! so gross. nearly as gross as the grey unders.

i, too, touched the forbidden waters, though i refused to sample it. ew. i would really liked to have soaked my feet, however. love the shoe shot. you, my friend, were meant to write by plume. wasn't the bath cathedral gorgeous? totally surprised me. hehehe....manley power. that's fantastic.