Wednesday, August 28, 2013

england: day 8

we woke up early, packed up our car, and drove away from bath. (this is the point where neal informed us about our roommates clandestine amorous escapades.)

first stop: stourhead. we didn't tour the house, just the grounds, which are stunning. for those of you not in the know (probably most of you), stourhead is where they filmed the infamous darcy-proposes-to-lizzy-in-the-pouring-rain-at-the-stone-temple-and-she-says-no-and-there-is-a-lot-of-tension-and-you-think-they-might-kiss scene in the 2005 pride and prejudice. (i get heart palpitations just thinking about it.) to entertain ourselves while we hiked, we played a rousing game of what-movie/musical-is-this-song-from which i won by stumping the boys with a little number from pete's dragon. pretty much i sang every song from the movie and they knew that they knew the movie, but the title evaded them. craig came closest with "puff the magic dragon." 

excuse the blurry spots, it rained on us for a little while.

meadows of wildflowers and gorgeous trees.

this place is unreal!! so beautiful!

rhodoodendrons everywhere.

the grotto.

the temple of apollo.

view from the temple.

after stourhead we took off for stonehenge. it's amusing how unpretentious stonehenge is. you literally drive to the middle of nowhere and they're just sitting off the highway. they're enclosed in a fence, and all, but you kind of expect more fanfare and production around one of the most famous sites in the world. it's amazing how long these stones have been there! and the lore around them is amazing. england granted us another perfect experience as while we were touring the site, a druid showed up touching her staff to the ground, harnessing the energy from the sacred ground . . . or something . . . . people are so interesting. 

after stonehenge we drove to brighton. we got in earlier than expected and hit the beach, pier, and royal pavilion. alas, no photos allowed in the royal pavilion (i managed one or two), but the decor was pretty spectacular. (it was built as a pleasure palace, after all.)

 . . . because who doesn't need two disco balls at the beach?


Natalie said...

stourhead. seriously nothing like it. so glad you enjoyed it. and that movie musical game? sheer awesome. for the record, i would have known exactly what movie you were singing from. because i'm awesome like that.

a druid at stonehenge? wow -- that's really something. i agree that it's wild how you just cruise down the road and BOOM there it is, with large tour busses and the like circling. so crazy. we went and found a little village close by and it was really weird how they sell in shops instruments that enable you to seek out energy levels of the area. people are so...what was the word you used? interesting. ya, that's it.

i'v enever been to brighton -- it looks so cool. officially add that right to my list, lady.