Wednesday, September 4, 2013

england: day 9

we were a little ahead of schedule on day 9, so we had time to go to beachy head on our way to the cliffs of dover. i'm so glad, too. i think i liked the beachy head cliffs more than dover. we spent a few hours hiking along the cliffs at each location. the wind was crazy and my hair was in quite a state of disarray by the end of the day, much to the boys amusement. in dover we shared a room with a guy who's getting his phd in physics at harvard. he told us he was catching a barge over to france the next morning because he was presenting a paper on light scattering (or something) at a conference in paris. he was also an eagle scout, and he did know who lord baden powell was. 

beachy head:

white cliffs of dover:


Natalie said...

OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH! image number four has me fascinated: i love how the sand, water and sea all run together. it is BEAUTIFUL, ashlee! the only bit of england coastline i've seen is down by St. Michael's Mound and Penzance -- i MUST get to the white cliffs and beachy head. MUST. love the shot of you and your UK scarf! (thanks again for telling me about it so i could get my own -- one of my most favorite things to wear!) also love your spotted bag.